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Igniting the health revolution
through branding

Naming and branding for a visionary lifestyle brand.


Verlin is a new juice-bar concept and wellness store that aims to offer fresh, high quality produce and educate audiences for a healthier lifestyle in a premium environment.
innerpride was appointed to develop the brand, came up with the name, create a sharp contemporary identity and developed a fresh packaging design able to challenge the status quo.

Verlin was not just about the design. We felt a great responsibility towards generating social awareness and making “healthy” cool again. We’re part of the new green revolution.

George Nisioiu, founder & partner, innerpride


Verbal: the name we developed: VERLIN, is a smart morph between the famous Arthurian magician Merlin and the Italian word for green: „verde”. The name is short, memorable and easy to pronounce in Romanian and English.

Visual: the color scheme is the undisputed champion in the new visual language we developed for Verlin. By alternating vibrant green shades in organic shaped layers, we’ve managed to create a vibrant fresh look & feel inspiring energy and good vibes.

Packaging: the package design is a natural extension of the visual language that manages to create shelf impact and distil the brand philosophy: green to go. Our focus was to create an engaging packaging system that could be appealing both to adults and children alike in an attempt to encourage the young generation to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Architecture: incorporating visual cues into the architectural solution was accomplished by a close partnership with the architecture firm who understood our visual philosophy integrating it organically in the design.


Verlin is not just about juices or organic vegetables & fruits; it’s about promoting a healthy lifestyle, generating a silent health revolution. By combining branding, packaging and interior design, Verlin manages to champion healthy eating among the young generation inaugurating a paradigm shift in the Romanian fresh market sector.

innerpride delivered beyond design. It delivered a visual philosophy capable of building not just good business but a new outlook towards health and our nutrition.

Adrian Grossu, visionary & founder, Verlin

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