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Repositioning a challenger for sustainable growth

Strategy and Branding for Romania's third office supply importer and distributor.


Vector International is the third-largest office supplies and stationery company in Romania, growing from a modest start-up in Bucharest to a top national player. During its 20 years of business-to-business activity, it succeeded in developing a product range of more than 5000 references for stationery and office supply products, directly imported from impressive worldwide producers and suppliers.

In order to reflect the transition from the entrepreneurial firm to a growing corporation, they entrusted us with the rebranding process.


We decided to distance from the past and start brand new with a fresh perspective. We looked for a strong metaphor that could make for a great and memorable symbol. The only thing we kept from the old identity was the color which came out to be a suitable choice for a dynamic company.

The brand tagline we developed, “see you at the office” („ne vedem la birou”), reflects our strategy that the new identity should be built with having an impact on the office in mind. The office is where people spend most of their time during the day, it’s where their tools are, and this is why the office should be a better place for everyone.


The visual identity, simple, solid, yet dynamic, plays on the association with a hummingbird, conveying the brand’s personality: hard-working, perseverant, fast, and friendly.

We also developed custom-designed letters that match the visual language of the symbol. Together they form a coherent and memorable logo design that represents a growing and forward-thinking company.

The new visual identity of Vector breathes modernity and simplicity making it the starting point for a new journey in Vector’s quest to change the way we work and live at the office.

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