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Online medicine for offline results

Naming and branding for a visionary health-care management platform


Back in 2014, Star Storage wanted to change the healthcare paradigm and offer doctors, patients, and medical centers alike a powerful tool to change the way all these interact with the purpose of a better medical act using today’s technology.
Innerpride was asked to come up with a name and an overall branding experience that would redefine the medical interaction overall.

Status was an opportunity for us to be part of a revolution and to tackle challenges that forced us think ahead and embody each of the user personas.

Viorel Nedelcu, creative director & partner, innerpride


The name Status manages to distill the essence for what the tool does: provide a comprehensive outlook of your health and helps you take the necessary actions with ease.

Because the application was aiming towards simplification of the medical act, we have developed a visual identity that would reflect this underlying philosophy.

After defining a clear, easy, and intuitive user experience we have started to provide the look and feel for the application considering various platforms and interaction scenarios. The end result is an application that is as robust as it easy to use and configure.

Our aim was to create a branded experience no just better-looking app. And this can bee seen in every detail form icons to color to the careful typography.


Status helps its users find specialists, book appointments, and reduce the form-filling hassle. Status is constantly developing and integrating new features becoming increasingly powerful and helpful at the same time. It helps medical centers, doctors, insurers and patients change interaction for a better medical service.

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