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Reimagining a legendary craft beer

Rebranding and packaging design for Romania's first premium craft beer


Started in 2005 by a passionate brewer in Iasi, ȘapteColine soon became a staple of quality and prestige in the local craft beer landscape. By using only the best ingredients and with no compromise to traditional brewing, ȘapteColine was considered by many a one of a kind beer. But uncompromising quality comes with a cost and in 2009 due to high maintenance costs ȘapteColine was forced to close.

Having kept the dream alive, the founder never stopped believing in a truly premium craft beer in a market where low quality and lack of know-how was hailed as „inventivity”.

As the craft beer market grew and matured, in 2018, ȘapteColine approached innerpride to revive the brand by redesigning it from the ground up to match its vision: to brew uncompromising premium craft beers.


With the goal of attracting new customers to ȘapteColine’s heritage offerings at the centre of the rebrand, the team were keen to make sure existing fans weren’t left out of the finished product.

Innerpride started from the brand’s visual heritage comprised mainly from a distinctive blackletter logotype that was still engraved in people's minds. The new bespoke typeface created by innerpride takes inspiration from old German blackletter forms but has a more modern approach with simpler lines and even strokes. By changing the angle, we make it truly unique and make it stand out on the label.

The symbol is somewhat paradigmatic. A “7” made out of five stars at first can be confusing but makes total sense. The five stars is the international symbol of excellence. By placing them in the shape of a “7” we created a simple but powerful symbol that was capable of expressing the promise of ȘapteColine: the same premium taste, everytime.

The label has a story on it’s own. We knew from the start we needed a shape that would make the brand stand out on the shelves even before reading the masterbrand. After a complex process of testing we decided on the two intersecting triangles as the perfect shape suited not only to accommodate the brand but also to compliment the bottle shape.

You don’t have the chance to work with truly passionate people too often. The people of ȘapteColine are truly passionate about their craft and we are glad we rise to the occasion and built together, not just a label, but an iconic brand for the beer industry in Romania.

Viorel Nedelcu, creative director & partner, innerpride


In less than a year from launch, ȘapteColine managed to reclaim its former glory and to address new consumers. Starting local, now ȘapteColine is a constant presence in the Romanian craft beer landscape.

innerpride’s approach and their exemplary creativity, made the perfect extension of our brand team. They understood the brand, its heritage and its new and unique positioning and projected brilliantly, while delivering an identity that’s classic, distinctive and powerful.

Ilie Foia, founder, ȘapteColine

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