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Comprehensive identity design for one of the finest sign making and printing companies in Romania


Rodotex was founded in 1997 as a small workshop for producing signage and small batches of specialty print jobs. Since then it has grown into an important player in the Romanian signage and print industry. Notable to be mentioned is the fact that Rodotex is the only company in Romania licensed by Hilton to produce all its signage applications and prints for South-East Europe.

inner*pride was tasked with designing an identity which needed to express Rodotex’s brand strategy summarized as ‘passion for perfection’. It had to channel its strong values and ambition, to inspire change both in people within the business, customers, and partner organizations, as well as reinforce Rodotex’s position as a strong contender for a leading position in the Romanian market.

Working with a client that has a strong personality is always a challenge but also an opportunity to listen. We've taken our time to understand the client and device a solution that is both visually pleasing and able to convey the personality of the brand.

Viorel Nedelcu, creative director & partner, innerpride


At the center of the new visual expression stands the ivy leaf as a symbol indicating transformation and growth. It also stands for sustainability and an emphasis on environmentally friendly solutions, all printing paper used is 100% certified FSC.

The identity appears in a bright magenta that serves as a counterpoint to the deep and dark blue inherited from the previous brand. The system also includes a fresh logotype carefully drawn that is infused with the brand personality.

A versatile visual language has been developed to represent the company’s main business areas. The ivy leaf is again the star receiving several graphic treatments to better express the wide range of rodotex’s capabilities. The new identity extends to signage and environmental graphics as well as to a 20+ fleet making the new visual language the star of the rebrand.


The distinctive look & feel was quickly embraced both by employees and partners and became synonymous with the company. Now Rodotex has a distinct voice in the Romanian landscape and the premises of further growth, locally, nationally and internationally.

The balance between what we had in mind for our company and the strategic approach of inner*pride was the key that transformed this project in a total success. The result was embraced from day one by everyone in our company and we had extraordinary echoes from our overseas partners.

Claudia Dobrea, General Manager & founder, Rodotex

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