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Inspiring the confidence of people through branding

Brand Strategy and Brand Design for the most luxury and unique treatment facility.


The Lucida rehab center is USA’s most luxurious rehab center aimed at celebrities and businessmen. It is more like a 5 star hotel than a rehab center, and offers personalised services to every client. The challenge was to create a brand suited for a luxury hotel, anything that related Lucida to a rehab center had to be ignored, any resemblance to a hospital would affect the brand by sending the wrong message to a sensible clientele.


As suited for a luxury location, everything had to be custom. The logotype and the symbol were developed as a whole starting from the concept of “spark / star” as a metaphor for luxury and utmost refinement. The symbol is impeccable visually and geometrically.
The visual identity revolves around a custom logotype and symbol and a sober color palette.
Everything was branded, from stationery to the towels and bathrobes the clients use, creating a unique experience for the guests.


Lucida gained visibility rapidly and changed how people saw a rehab centers. Not a hospital, but a familiar location with people who understand and help you become the person you once were. After this successful project, Element Behavioral Health, entrusted innerpride two more projects developed with the same care and strategic insight.

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