Branding for a perspective shift

Naming and branding for a real estate development that redefines living standards


In an already crowded landscape a visionary investor wanted to bring a new perspective on living. A new apartment complex was set to change the way people see living spaces.

Innerpride was commissioned to come up with a name and an overall branding experience capable of rising above the clutter and stand as the new standard.

Challenging the current naming landscape was a decision we took without hesitating. After having chosen such a disruptive name the rest of the process was a natural extension.

Ovidiu Strugaru, delivery director & partner, innerpride


The name KIMONO was an instant winner since it conjured everything the project wanted to be - a mix between elegance and functionality. Its exotic features managed to create a fresh vibe and incite audiences. The brand identity centers around a contemporary sans serif wordmark and a symbol that echoes the building’s curvy form. The uniqueness of the concept is also reflected in the tagline “Change your perspective.”

We designed a comprehensive suite of print materials to support the marketing and sales efforts, which have been notably successful helping the sales department sell more than half of the condominium in six months.

As a central touchpoint, the website is a comprehensive digital experience of the marketing campaign of the project, embodying the eclectic nature of the brand while feeling light and easily navigable for potential buyers.


We developed an integral approach in which the identity gracefully reflects into the building personality, resulting into a canny signage system and an exquisite collection of design elements. Furthermore, the entire project reflects into a state of the art showroom, that successfully facilitates a premium ending of a carefully designed sales funnel.

We are proud to be able to work on those types of projects that redefine their category. KIMONO changed the real estate landscape through a bold name and through new executional standards.

The inner*pride team helped us develop a clear sales experience path that was able to convey the project story so that in six months we had sold more than half of the total number of apartments.

Gabriel Nechifor, Real Estate Developer

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