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Defining a visual landmark in commercial real estate

Corporate branding showing international excellence rooted in Romanian tradition.


IULIUS is Romania’s largest real estate development and management company. As the group is no longer just a local player but a strong international contender, it needed a new visual identity to clear signal this new status.
The main challenge was to preserve this national leadership message while elevating the visual identity to compete in the big league yet retaining a clear national feel and pride.
The group needed a new branding architecture strategy for its growing brand portfolio.

innerpride was chosen to tackle this daunting task and find the balance between international appeal and national pedigree.


Company’s tagline “Cities of tomorrow” sums up what IULIUS is all about: urban regeneration, transforming urban centers into thriving cosmopolite locations bringing a western style of life involving shopping, business and leisure to the largest Romanian cities.

For the symbol, we chose from the work of the international acclaimed Brancusi, a Romanian born trendsetting sculptor, and his never-ending column. As we wanted a discrete reference we’ve modeled it in the negative space of a sun like symbol.
As a light bringer from mythical times, IULIUS shines new light on urban centers. The choosing of a sun-like symbol was a strong metaphor anchored in factual data.


The new identity was received with great enthusiasm by the management starting with the founder Mr. Iulian Dascalu but also by the employees. It signaled the start of a new era for IULIUS, the international expansion phase.
As an acknowledgement of its quality, it was featured on the renowned BRAND NEW website, the leading authority in rebranding evaluation. The symbol was rapidly spotted by Gestalten, an established German publisher and was chosen to be featured in their upcoming LOS LOGOS volume no. 8, proving once again its value.

I really enjoy working with innerpride - they managed to meet our vision and give it a visual expression.

Ovidiu Galan, head of marketing, Iulius Group

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