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Flying from a completely new perspective


There wasn’t a deeper longing for flying than that of the world post Covid19. People rediscovered the joy of flying and we’re ready to live at their fullest once more.

In this context helloJets ambitioned to emerge as a complete novelty on the European market - a long-haul low-cost carrier based in Bucharest with flights to North America, Africa and South-East Asia.

inner*pride was honored to supervise the development of a brand that would change perspectives on long haul flights.


The subtle metaphor of a smiley underneath the word-mark mimicking the curvature of the letter J is powerful enough to support the entire brand expression. Starting here, the brand unfolds into a plethora of collaterals from large billboards to tie clip-holders.

The name is extremely suggestive and has all the prerequisites for a simple but impacting tone of voice expanding the brand ecosystem and infusing it with feel-good vibes.

Color wise red felt as the natural choice, it feels energetic and bold. It grabs attention and exudes confidence.


An important aspect, taken into account early on, was the interior of the aircrafts which needed to express the brand DNA with well considered investments.

Through a combination of modern lines and a considerate tone of voice, the brand manages to impress passengers and stand out on the runway.

With a completely new business model, helloJets has been a learning process, forcing us to innovate and go beyond conventional wisdom.
Viorel Nedelcu, creative director & partner, innerpride

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