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Transforming an accomplished musician into an educational brand

Branding for one of Denmark's most prodigious musician.


After more than ten years performing and recording on the national and international stages, Gabriel Lucian Roman is an accomplished guitar player and educator. Having reached a professional maturity he decided to share his passion and his acquired technique with all those eager to learn or to improve on their guitar playing skills. innerpride was asked to help define a visual identity and create the necessary tools that would make GuitarProf the number one choice in guitar learning in Denmark and worldwide.

Branding a creative business stretched us in terms of visuals and careful understanding the client. Having to design not just for an accomplished musician but also for a wide range of individuals that would be it’s potential students forced us to go beyond our comfort zone.
Viorel Nedelcu, creative director & partner, innerpride


After exploring everything there is to know about electric guitars and guitarists we took a deep breath and outlined a brand strategy that would result in an electrifying identity that would inspire teachers and students alike. Starting with the letter “P” we explored various visual treatments. Adding the highs and lows of a music track pitch graph we developed a logo that is highly unique and still familiar and relatable.

The unusual color scheme is disruptive and electric and paired with a unique photographic style manages to create a visual style which is both distinctive and powerful.

innerpride helped me clarify my ideas. Their process of simplifying the complex is what helped see the big picture. The resulting visual identity is everything I’ve imagined and more!

Gabriel Lucian Roman, founder, GuitarProf


We’re proud to have managed to create a visual identity that literally “rocks”. The holistic brand experience, stretching from logo to social media design, is the result of a careful and passionate process which resulted in a set of tools that would help GuitarProf and his students to better learn and progress.

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