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Rebranding one of Romania’s IT pioneers.


Focality, formerly known as Radix, is an IT&C company that helps its clients create, manage and secure IT environments. In a continually changing IT environment, Radix provides businesses the ability to anticipate, adapt and embrace this evolution, offering a variety of solutions, from networking, servers rooms and data center infrastructures, to security systems, information management and office integrations. The company built its reputation primarily as a software solutions company. Over the years, it has grown significantly and has expanded its offerings. The existing identity was no longer an optimal reflection of the major player that it had become.
A rebranding was called in order to align the company identity to its growth. innerpride was tasked with repositioning the brand through a completely new identity meant to signal a new beginning and to convey the company’s evolution. innerpride also needed to develop an idea broad enough to umbrella the company’s wide range of services.


After an extensive audit and research we managed to aggregate a strategic approach in order to reshape the image of a well-established leader like Radix. We followed the conclusions of the audit report and explored concepts that convey a clean and sophisticated image. We focused on custom lettering and refined typography to shape a logotype which is modern, geometric and straight forward.
A black & white color palette was used as the brand color, enabling an uncluttered overall look, mature and confident, yet modern.
Digital expression: As a main interface between Focality and its audience, the website was an important focus of the whole rebranding process in both functionality and aesthetics.

Helping leaders reclaim their rightful place is what branding can do.

George Nisioiu, founder & partner, innerpride


Verbal: The new brand name, Focality, is a portmanteau of “focus” and “quality”. It is distinct, ownable and invented, whilst allowing the recognition of conjoined words. We wanted to communicate a focus on delivering quality. To highlight this core idea, we created the tagline “focus on quality”. The verbal identity underlines the company’s brand promise and alliance across businesses.
Visual: Criteria for the new design were clear. It needed to emphasize technology, yet convey energy and be flexible to accommodate to the constantly changing IT environment. innerpride’s design team drew inspiration from the core idea of the brand, focus. We developed an identity centered on convex lenses, a symbol of focused, concentrating interest. The plus sign and the lens symbols are simple in shape yet powerful in meaning so we decided to build the visual expression on them as a foundation

innerpride helped us rediscover our purpose and gave us the tools needed to start a new era of inovation.

Cezar Rusu, general manager, focality

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