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Taking a huge step, from a successful IT company, to a recognized trend setter and innovator, Star Storage aimed at creating an environment for creative ideas and innovative technology to meet.

Innerpride was given the opportunity to devise an event branding that would encompass all these elements. The visual identity of the conference had to send the message of a future oriented event with ease. All the elements of the design – across the campaign and event – had to complement each other, working effectively to create a tight and harmonious overall visual concept.

We aimed at creating an experiential design, a 360 degrees experience that would involve all sense and would be truly memorable.

Viorel Nedelcu, creative director & partner, innerpride


By combining a strategic approach with a creative perspective innerpride has maximized the experiential effect for maximum impact. Design alone cannot guarantee a successful and memorable event – for a truly memorable and lasting impact, cohesion is essential.

A powerful visual metaphor was developed along with a vibrant color scheme and was multiplied across each touching point. The disruptive fading lines that make up INNOVATION come to stand for forward thinking and visionary approach. The bright colors complement the design giving it a modern look and feel.

More than just design, the event had to be an experiential journey with a focus on fluidity. This was accomplished by carefully analyzing each material and designing it with the whole picture in mind resulting a cohesive visual identity.


An impressive amount of materials we have created for this event, from visitor badges to stage design – everything was designed to offer the visitors the best possible experience. Each element cooperates with each other – constructing a logical and engaging attendee journey.

The event was a success, setting the precedent for upcoming similar endeavors and establishing new quality standards.

The event we’ve imagined was taken to a whole new level by the creative and the strategic minds from innerpride. We’ve managed to impress our partners and strengthen our image as a visionary trend setting company.

Liana Alina Epure, head of corporate marketing & communication, Star Storage

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