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Imagining a better technology brand

Brand strategy and Identity for Romania's largest retailer of medical imaging solutions


inner*pride’s was approached to redesign a contemporary, technology-orientated brand for Cortec, Romania’s largest distributor of medical imaging solutions.

Partnering with giants such as TOSHIBA MEDICAL and CANON, Cortec was aware of the standards it needed to uphold.

A backstage brand that can take center-stage when needed. This was, in short, our internal brief. Exploring further the concept we managed to take simple geometry and elevate it to a coherent visual language that can bear the entire weight of the brand.

George Nisioiu, founder & partner, innerpride


In crafting the company's brand identity, inner*pride took its cue from Cortec’s tagline, “Vital technology”. The resulting identity package emphasizes the “innovative nature” of the company’s products, and lets the brand exist quietly in the background.

Cortec uses a simple logotype to bring forth the idea of revealing what is not available to the naked eye, creating a fluid connection between the letter-forms.

This new dynamic and ever-changing brand symbol articulates the business of providing constant innovation. It also communicates the ethos of the business and conveys a sense of scale. The graphic language uses large crops of the symbol that are strong reminiscences of cells and tissues.


inner*pride’s new brand identity for Cortec takes it from a generic-looking B2B brand to a premium offer which is perfectly placed to appeal to customers, while standing out in the crowded healthcare marketplace.

What started just as a redesign has become more than we’ve envisioned and helped us reposition ourselves and give our sales team an important tool.

Bogdan Teliceanu, general manager, Cortec

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