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Rejuvenating a legend in the rehab landscape

Rebranding for USA’s oldest rehab center.


The oldest American rehab center COPAC, was taken over by Elements Behavioral Health. EBH once again resorted to innerpride’s extensive expertise and strategic insight in the rehab branding landscape.
The main challenge was bringing the center to the 21’st century.


The symbol for COPAC is a monogramed C acting as a clipping mask for a wave like pattern symbolizing the Mississippi river that is close to COPAC, suggesting a message of journey and transformation. The water is a metaphor visible throughout the whole identity, it is a strong concept associated with tranquility and balance.
The color palette makes COPAC different and contributes to the overall good feel of the identity.


The new identity is vibrant and modern, sending the right message for an established rehabilitation institution with a long standing tradition. Now a new demographic of patients can relate to COPAC and can see it as the right choice for them and not a rigid hospital-like institution.

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