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Brand identity, strategy and naming for Romania’s most ambitious initiative promoting equity in the entrepreneurial landscape


Cristina Batlan is a well known public figure and a restless advocate for women entrepreneurs. Having discovered the need for practical education and encouragement for young women entrepreneurs she decided to start Chapters. This is a pioneering initiative in Romania as it focuses on empowering women. through real success stories and mentoring programs, she decided to start Chapters.

inner*pride was asked to give a name and develop a strategic brand framework for this ambitious initiative.


inner*pride has developed a new brand identity framework for Chapters that positions the initiative as an innovator in the field. The program encompasses a new brand strategy, name and messaging, a complex website, and employs an eclectic approach to color and typography inspired by Chapters’s mission - empower women entrepreneurs everywhere.

Along with the visual framework, inner*pride worked on developing a verbal identity, including a metaphoric and strong name able to stem forth a versatile messaging system that foster a sense of connection.
inner*pride collaborated closely on the rebranding with Chapters’s leadership, including founder Cristina Batlan. The goal was straightforward, Chapters wanted to enforce its role as a pioneer in the area. If you want to change the world and shift culture, you can’t be shy, and must be bold and decisive. This is why we chose a bold color palette and large headlines complimented by really colorful gradients.

The visuals are intentionally understated not to outshine the messages. The vibrant gradients and the grayscale photography are part of a visual language that can keep the brand relevant in the coming years.

inner*pride has always been about pioneering and pushing boundaries. Chapters was one of those projects that forced us to explore new creative horizons.

George Nisioiu, founder & partner, innerpride


Chapters has positioned itself as a disruptor, a special organization that is transforming the status quo and a brand that women should use to reach their full potential.

The name adds clarity and helps define our scope, encompassing a broad spectrum of concepts helping women across Romania connect and thrive. Great job as always.

Crsitina Batlan, founder, Chapters

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