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A new identity for a dynamic brand

Rebranding a challenger in the roofing industry, helping it claim its rightful position.


Having evolved from local to national and with future plans to expand internationally – Caretta in order to convey this new status change.
Caretta was challenged by emerging roofing companies who could offer lower prices at the expense of high quality and customer attention. It was also competing with more prominent roofing suppliers and international players such as Lindab and Bramac. Caretta chose to future-proof its brand by conveying what they stand for now and will stand for in the future.
After two rebranding attempts which instead of simplifying, complicated an already complicated image, innerpride was given the task to reframe its branding to uniquely capitalize on the corporate positioning.

Finding the shape that is uniquely yours is no easy task. We’ve pushed ourselves and the client to go beyond a zoomorphic icon and to try a reimagined symbol capable of passing the test of time.

Viorel Nedelcu, creative director & partner, innerpride


The turtle symbol was a powerful asset with deep conceptual meaning and brand equity that we chose to keep, taking it from the illustrative area into the symbolic area.
We distilled the Caretta logo into a simpler, stronger shape charged with confidence, channeling an active symbol with a strong future-oriented look in a competitive market. The conceptual and executional aspects merged into a symbol that has all the attributes of a timeless icon.
The look and feel is complemented by strong and ownable colors and a customized typeface that would differentiate the brand even further.


With this new look and feel, Caretta’s brand now communicates and connects employees and customers offering a compelling story, while reinforcing the brand’s expertise and experience to manufacture high quality products and assist customers across the entire purchase process. Clients and employees now feel confident that the brand is stronger than ever delivering tangible and competitive results through a suited branding strategy.

It’s a pleasure to discover an international excellence standard with a Romanian company. The entire innerpride team proved to be highly creative, attented to details and engage to delivery. But what really surprised me was the solid theoretical background blended with international expertise at the highest level, all of these transferred with exigence in a dedicated and intelligent effort towards client satisfaction. These are extremely rare attributes to be found in the local professional environment. I’m glad we had the chance to work with innerpride.

Oliver Pricop, marketing manager, caretta

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