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Timeless simplicity
for sophisticated cuisine

Rebranding the favorite go to place for fine dining in Iasi.


The main challenge was to transform the quintessential coffee shop of Iasi into a defining steakhouse and fine dining restaurant. The new location was developed with one goal in mind: to make sophisticated cuisine accessible to a wider audience but still retain a high degree of class. innerpride has been tasked to devise a new name, a new positioning and a new brand visual to encompass this new business philosophy.

Taking an already established icon and transforming it into a totally different entity is no easy task. We had the advantage of a close relationship with the world of fine dining and a flair for elegance and simplicity.

George Nisioiu, founder & partner, innerpride


The name CARBON was a bold choice for a fine dining restaurant. It is modern and very memorable. It resonates deeply with audiences and sends the right message - a restaurant where grilled meat is at home.
The symbol is firmly rooted in Carbon’s business imperative — making choices simple and attractive. Combining the letter C with a bull’s head silhouette resulted in a timeless monogram.

The new positioning: Fine Fire Food is a raw expression of the visceral cravings of the meat lover.

The overall look, from typeface choices to colors and prints such as menu and placecards breathes elegance and simplicity. The visual identity has an important but silent role, the main stage is reserved for the stars which are without question the dishes.

Working with innerpride has been a breeze. Their knowledge of both the branding field and the international restaurant scene was a great surprise. Every step of the way was carefully laid out and the result is simply amazing.

Doru Turcanu, owner, CARBON


In two months since launch, Carbon has become the place of choice for the finest steaks or intricate Italian inspired plates. With its newly developed comprehensive visual identity, CARBON is well-positioned to continue the growth of its newly acquired status as a must visit location in Iasi.

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