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Naming, brand strategy and identity for Romania’s first rural pharmacy chain


inner*pride’s challenge was to create a brand that could cater to specific audiences in the rural side of Romania. It needed to stand out in a crowded and fast-paced health and pharma space while being careful not to appear too premium or out of context.

An additional challenge was creating a brand which could deliver the same quality while signaling affordable prices.

Creative challenges usually underpin a business need. With Califar we approached basically a business problem using creative tools. We are very happy with the result and the feedback we received from the client and the real life consumers of the brand.

Viorel Nedelcu, creative director & partner, innerpride


Naming the first Romanian pharmacy chain addressed specifically to the rural areas was challenging on several levels. Califar was chosen for its natural sounding characteristic and easy pronunciation.

The Califar symbol captures a traditional look & feel while also being contemporary and fresh. This sits harmoniously alongside the hand-drawn wordmark with a strong geometric construction.

To differentiate Califar in the pharma landscape, inner*pride integrated a vibrant color palette to its brand identity. From lime green and yellow, to traditional inspired patterns, the modern and approachable identity system connects Califar to its clients. To the verbal identity, we brought a clear and inclusive tone of voice, capable of talking to each and every person.

Based on over 20 years of experience in retail branding, inner*pride not only designed a logo and established a color palette but also designed a complete shopping experience tailored to specific audiences and budget constraints.


Califar is a brand close to its customers, with a welcoming experience in all touch-points: from retail branding to social media.

Developing a business model that hasn’t been tested so far it’s a challenge we couldn't have undertaken without our partners. Inner*pride has been for us not only a brand consultant but also a business strategist, proving once more the value they bring to the table every time.

Bogdan Ionașcu, owner, Califar

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