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BUILDCORP has evolved from a local general contractor to a national key player in construction, precast concrete components and large infrastructure projects. BUILDCORP needed a clear, distinctive way forward to communicate this new positioning.
A compelling brand story had to engage various audiences – from real estate developers, local authorities, investors and financial institutions to employees.

Signaling a new status through branding is a mix of exectution and business intuition. BUILDCORP has become an establish leader and we took a greatpride in helping it rise to new heights by developing a coherent and bold new visual identity.

George Nisioiu, founder & partner, innerpride


We brought the new BUILDCORP to life through a bold idea: “Building for Life”. BUILDCORP has been general contractor and supplier of precast concrete components for some of Romania’s most ambitious building projects like PALAS IASI and OPENVILLE TIMISOARA, to name just a few.
“Building for life” is a twofold brand promise – building with responsibility for the future and building with the latest technologies ensuring sustainability and lower environmental impact. Paired with a more vibrant brand personality, these elements formed the basis of a new logo and design system that express BUILDCORP’s leadership.
The logo design has its roots in the company’s main activity – precast concrete components outlining an uppercase “B” formed by two large concrete beams – expressing stability and scale. Starting from the logo we developed a bold and modern design system that is instantly recognizable and uniquely identifies BUILDCORP in the crowded competitional landscape.


With growth perspectives in sight, the new brand arrives in time for expressing and establishing a new positioning as an important player in Romania. BUILDCORP is now ready to inaugurate a new stage in its evolution having a new set of tools to effectively manage the new brand and bring in tangible business results.

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