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A new brand for a stronger leader

Branding for the newest top player on Romania’s real estate market.


Iulius, Romania’s largest real estate developer and Atterbury Europe, part of Atterbury Holdings, have created a common financial fund to manage the development of Openville Timisoara, Romania’s largest mixed real estate project and the Iulius Mall networks of malls.

This joint venture creates yet a stronger player on the Romania’s real estate management market, with important growth perspectives.

Innerpride was given the task to imagine and design a visual identity suitable for an upcoming leader.


After carefully studying the market and the company, innerpride derived the „iceberg” concept as a brand metaphor. The iceberg is massive and strong but one can only see a small portion of it. ATTRIUS is due to be an important player in real estate development and management in Romania yet many of its operations will not be “visible”. While everyone sees the building of a mall or a business center, very few understand the complexity that lies beyond this.

The design is elegantly strong by its minimal lines and solid underlying concept. The strikethrough triangle stands as a memorable representation of the iceberg metaphor as well as a subtle reference to the letter “A” the initial of the name.

Innerpride didn’t design just the logo but also the tools necessary to support further growth. We created a dynamic system that offers the flexibility required for the different audiences of the company. The visual expression of the brand underlines ATTRIUS core essence giving it flexibility to evolve.


The new visual identity stands as a solid base for further growth. Received with great enthusiasm by both parts of the company (the Romanian half and the South African half), the new logo design has all the traits to become a mark of excellence in Romania’s real estate market.

Balancing a strong company with a minimal identity is no easy task, but having the experience and the craft, innerpride does this with ease and elegance

George Nisioiu, founder & partner, innerpride

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