viorel nedelcu
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Viorel Nedelcu, creative director & partner

Expertise: brand design, packaging, 3D & industrial design
Viorel is the turning key that helps shape ideas and make things happen. With over 7 years’ experience in brand design and with a vast portfolio of projects, Viorel can tackle every design challenge with ease and maturity.In over 8 years of experience, hands on, Viorel has created iconic identities ranging from small start-ups to key players locally and internationally. His latest branding project for IULIUS Group was featured on the prestigious BRAND NEW website, a leading authority in rebranding evaluation. Going with ease from fashion where he designed the MUSETTE custom letters to product design for Petkult, ANIMAX’s premium pet food and accessories line where he designed the package, Viorel shows tremendous versatility and that rare ability to grasp those fine details that define each industry. Having worked extensively for international companies he also developed excellent taste and a certain intuition when it comes to forecasting trends in design and identity, creating brands that are able to stand the test of time. Brightwater Landing, designed back in 2015, got published in the world renown Logo Lounge collection proving once again that innerpride can stand alongside major branding agencies worldwide.Seeing the big picture is one thing, helping others see it is what makes Viorel unique.
Offices / Headquarters

Colonel Langa 17, Iași, Romania

+(40) 748 222 121

Offices / Client services

106 Whitchurch Avenue, HA8 6JN, London, UK

+(44) 742 451 6055