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Viorel Nedelcu, creative director & partner

Expertise: brand design, packaging, 3D & industrial design
As a graduate of industrial design at the “Visual Arts and Design University, George Enescu”, Viorel had the academic experience and a promising look back in 2010 when he joined innerpride. In time, he over-proved his value by becoming creative director and partner, and a main pillar of the agency’s success.

From brand design to packaging and digital experience, Viorel makes everything possible through creativity and applicability. The difference between a good designer and a great designer is not the ability to work with tools, but the ability to work with people; and Viorel has a strong understanding of the customers’ needs and the capacity to systemize the creative process.

In his experience, he created iconic identities ranging from small start-ups to key players locally and internationally. His biggest accomplishments are closely related to his work, meaning that identities such as Asirom or Iulius Town are both loved by customers and awarded in international prestigious competitions such as REBRAND 100. His capabilities extend from fashion where Viorel designed the Musette custom letters to consumer goods with identities such as SapteColine.

Viorel shows tremendous versatility and that rare ability to grasp those fine details that define each industry. Through the University of Medicine and Pharmacy's new identity, he helped inspiring academic excellence through splendid branding, and through his work for Mons Medius he decisively contributed to the process of reimagining a brand for an undisputed leader.

Having worked extensively for international companies he also developed an excellent taste and a certain intuition when it comes to forecasting trends in design and identity, creating brands that are able to stand the test of time.

His work is annually featured in the world-renown Logo Lounge collection where one can find exceptional inner projects such as Brightwater Landing, Reper, Responsible Advertising and Children, Buildcorp, or Vector and it has even been featured on Underconsideration / Brand New.

“Designer’s work is a bless, you get to learn lots of information from various domains; but it’s also a curse because you get to buy milk depending on to the packaging”
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