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Ovidiu Strugaru, delivery director & partner

Expertise: brand design, brand strategy, naming
Having joined the agency in 2008, Ovidiu specialized over the years in taking concepts and translating them over the many elements of a visual identity system. He is now an important pillar of innerpride, the one responsible for an essential part of a branding process: delivery. His job is to make sure that the exceptional identities created by innerpride work and are implemented thoroughly.

Part of the team you usually do not hear about, Ovidiu is involved in every identity innerpride successfully delivers, mastering all sorts of tools and constantly searching for improving the status quo. From packaging design to creative campaigns nothing is too small or too big for him. His creative approach meets the methodological practice to a point that each solution attracts individuals by its looks but amazes them by its functionality.

Ovidiu is actively involved in the many naming projects innerpride has successfully undertaken, creating memorable names such as Autograf, Romania’s first chain of luxury stationery shops, or Petkult, a rapidly growing brand of premium pet food and accessories. He is also responsible for tagline creation and brand positioning coming up with smart and provoking slogans such as the one for Addiction.com - the world’s leading authority on addiction-related resources - “stop searching. start recovering”.

In Ovidiu’s perspective, the greatest joy of a designer is to see your work on a shelf or in a brochure, meaning that your work gets the job done and it helps the client in its business endeavor.

“Always be ready to learn and always question everything. The right answers are the results of the right questions.”
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