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George Nisioiu, founder & partner

Expertise: naming, strategy, brand design, lettering
Having founded the agency in 2002 George lost none of his initial passion for branding and creative thinking. From naming to brand strategy and type design, every detail is carefully considered and assembled into working solutions.

His first project, Assist was done literally in his parents’ kitchen, back when branding was thought to be an exotic type of fruit. George started branding when only a handful of people could tell you what it was. Now, in a period that branding became a field that many are tackling, George has already upgraded his vision into creating a unique innovation-based agency, specialized in state-of-the-art branding and niche domains, such as type development.

George is a graduate of the Mathematics Faculty, which reflects in how he approaches projects, systemizing and taking care of every aspect, with the precision of a beautiful theorem. He makes no exception in his comprehensive approach, challenging the status quo in every single project, reinventing the wheel just to make sure it is perfect.

Between 2005 and 2007 he transformed Dedeman from a local store to a national contender. Having gained considerable experience in retail branding, in 2006 he did the branding strategy for Proton, the only GSM store Vodafone acquired, and kept the current branding this being a strong confirmation of its value. His work for Iulius Group gained the admiration and appreciation of Iulian Dascalu, one of Romania's top visionaries and entrepreneurs.

From product concept for Brifcor to strategy for the world's largest online resource for addiction-related issues, Addiction.com, and establishing fine typographic details for the fashion brand Musette, George makes it all look so easy, but behind all, there are countless hours of hard work and study.
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