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Ways low-cost airlines can win flyers over May 5, 2017 / by George Nisioiu 2017

The experience is all that matters at the end of the flight.

Ways low-cost airlines can win flyers over

The reality of today

Nowadays, especially in eastern Europe, low-cost airlines are taking over as a result of the lacking road infrastructure, highways are scarce across the eastern European countries.
A recent study shows that the desire to travel by air has increased by 50% in 2017 compared to 2014. Even if the desire for air travel has increased, the low-cost companies have an image problem. People associate low-cost companies with unmanaged second-hand aircrafts and with an experience that will cost them extra because of hidden or unplanned fares in terms of extra services or benefits such as luggage or inflight protocol.
How can we overcome this perception obstacle?


Through experience

At the end, all that matters is the experience which can be either good or bad. So, make something good so that the customer can remember it. The brand is not only the logo of the airline is the complete experience from check in to check out.
When experiencing a brand, we experience in fact specific touching points (points of interaction with the brand) and every point maters! From the way the airline’s brochure looks like to the greeting of the passenger when boarding the plane.
Large companies such as Lufthansa, Emirates Airline and American Airlines know these aspects and are concerned to constantly improve them. A Lufthansa plane is unmistakable, from taking off to landing, even from a distance.
It’s unmistakable how an American Airline stewardess is talking and addresses passengers. It’s unmistakable how the interior of an Emirates Airline plane looks like with branded items up to the smallest details, namely glasses.
Are all these so expensive to implement?


Through branding

The branding process is a process in which the company discovers its image and its story giving it meaning and relevance. In addition to a consistent and coherent new image, it reduces the costs of implementing printed materials, fleet livery and staff uniforms by creating predefined implementation templates that save time and money on the long run. Through the visual unification of all the company’s materials and the training of the personnel in the spirit of the brand, it will pay off on the long term and create a consistent, unique and pleasant experience for the passengers.

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