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Project management challenges in a branding agency August 5, 2016 / by Ioana Stoleru

In a branding agency time is the most precious asset.

Project management challenges in a branding agency

In a branding agency, but also in most companies offering services, time is the most precious asset. If  the project is less time consuming, its profitability and customer satisfaction are increasing. One study conducted by Wrike, revealed that 80% of “high-performing” projects are led by a certified project manager (Source: Branding projects make no exception.


Main challenges

One of the main challenges a project manager faces is the proper budgeting of the project. For this early stage, it is necessary to predict very precisely the working time for each part of the project. Delivery time depends heavily on client’s feedback. Since most entrepreneurs are very emotionally involved in the business they built and developed, choosing a solution is often a subjective process. Of course, our role as a top agency, is to overlay the client’s preferences with the solution that helps the business grow. This approach often involves many stages of refineries, anticipating the time consumed by them being very difficult to achieve.

Another challenge that a project manager from a branding agency has to deal with, is to carry out more projects simultaneously, each with different deadlines and specific requirements. Taking into consideration that most branding projects require a high degree of creativity and strategic thinking, the project manager must be careful not to overload the human resource, thus reducing the productivity of the people involved and their ability to deliver an original solution.

When the agency delivers efficient solutions, large companies with constant need for promotion and strategic communication, choose to continue working with the service provider. Achievieng clients loyality is an honor for any agency focused on excellence, a validation of its work and also, a source of constant income, which is welcome in any agency. Besides the benefits mentioned, maintenance activities come with additional “headaches” for the project manager, as they are very unpredictable in terms of allocated time and implicitly costs for the agency.


What about the solution?

A branding agency is a people’s company, each having a specific rhytm and a personalized working method. There is no magic trick to ease the work of the project manager, but teamwork, customer trust and the desire to deliver qualitative and functional solutions are the main elements that make the wheel spin.



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