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Launching Reper: a new name, a new identity October 18, 2016

Naming and visual identity systems for Romania’s most rapidly growing network of dialysis clinic.

Launching Reper: a new name, a new identity

Reper initially named Diasys is one of the newest dialysis networks in Romania, with a fantastic expansion potential, inaugurated in October 2016 with the opening of three clinics in Bucharest , Craiova and Turnul Severin.

The project started as a strategic and visual process where the client had already chosen a name: Diasys and wanted only a logo design and some basic applications. After a systematic internal and external analysis, innerpride concluded that the name Diasys did not serve the real needs of the brand and after long talks and days of meetings, innerpride persuaded our client to make a healthy and radical decision. The new name inspires everything that the brand is and wants to become, Reper. In Romanian “reper” means “bench mark”, something against everything else is measured, and it is but right to be so for a network of clinics who aspires for the leading position on the market.

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