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How an award-winning project looks behind the scenes October 12, 2022 / by Ioana Stoleru

How an award-winning project looks behind the scenes

Now that Gateway Connect has been shortlisted for 2 awards in 2 different categories at Transform Awards North America and it is certain it will win, let us show you the behind the scenes of a spectacular winning project…

Gateway Foundation is the leader in evidence-based treatment for addiction disorders in the United States. They have partnered with us to develop a digital-first brand that communicates the full breadth and experience of its parent company while establishing a new perspective on recovery.

Early sketches and logo tests for Gateway Connect began as an exploration of ‘leading connectivity’. We took their identity symbol, the circle, and tried to incorporate within it the idea of digitization and connectivity. After long trial and error tests and hours of sketches, research and brainstorming, we came up with the final winning idea: to portray the circle as the gesture of swiping – a hand movement that has become a staple in digital interaction.

The chromatic studies focused on interaction, sparking interest, feelings incorporated in aesthetics, and how we could bring delight and impact to small actions. This led to another winning decision: the chromatic expression of the brand. We dared to go against the status quo of the industry and chose purple as the main color, creating a vibrant brand that is ready to connect with a younger generation.

The Gateway Connect visual identity builds a system in which human and digital easily come together to help overcoming addiction and staying on track.

“From rapid sprint sessions to long, deep conversations about the design, experience, we discover what the brand and system should become. It’s lots of little moments of intuition and insight that build towards something much bigger.”

“The bright chromatic focused on intent, interaction and narrative.”


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