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About / Our history

Let’s introduce ourselves

We started with enthusiasm and a dream, to create brands that tell stories, move people and bring value to businesses. After all these years, we’re still the same: full of passion and drive, but with a little bit more experience and wisdom.

We are one of Romania’s first brand design agencies, founded back in 2002. We grew steadily, one success story at a time, proving our value and getting wiser every year. After all this time, our passion for design and brands stays the same.
We have expertise in brand science, brand strategy, identity development, retail design, and communications management services and have the breadth and depth to develop brands that succeed globally and engage locally.

We aim to establish a perfect balance between strategy and design, thinking and doing, analysis and creativity. We simplify complex brand strategies into clear, powerful messages and winning solutions.
Our aim is to go beyond the expectations of the most demanding clients, building partnerships with clients on mutual trust and support that most of the time last for many years.
Our experience enables us to understand companies and brands and to deliver specific brand solutions.

About / Our Capabilities

We're here to help you find out more about inner*pride, the clients we serve and the solutions we create. Our creative and strategic expertise focuses on:

Core capabilitiessee capability

Corporate Branding

We pride ourselves on being one of the few exclusive corporate branding agencies in the country. We see corporate branding as a complex strategic and visual endeavor meant to result in tangible results. We’re not just creating an image but shaping a path to long terms results and recognition. Since 2002 we’ve been responsible for the success of over 1000 projects. Constantly refining our trademark methods and strategies, we’re always ready to make your brand visible in the haziness of today’s ultra-competitive market.

Consumer Goods Branding

In the 20 seconds a product has to make its statement on the shelf it needs all the aesthetic and functional advantages it can get. Packaging design is a rather daunting challenge in the competitive landscape of today’s mega-markets, in the battle of rational versus emotive, between functional and visual, most designs fall under one extreme or another. We’ve learned through years of hands-on experience how to balance functionality and aesthetics, making it easier for customers to become loyal clients.

Retail Branding

Retail branding is not your average corporate branding, no matter how well executed. Retail branding is a discipline in itself and requires knowledge and experience that very few agencies possess. innerpride has the knowledge and the necessary background to make out of a brand a complete and immersive shopping experience.Retail branding is a fine blend between corporate branding, architecture, and consumer behavior, thus it’s always morphing. Innovation is not only desirable, it’s the main ingredient for success and our projects prove we possess this ingredient in considerable quantities.

Online Branding

The line between digital and analog is getting really thin. People interact more with each other and with brands online. The battlefield for brands is shifting from the real world into the virtual spaces of the internet.

Specialized capabilitessee capability

Calligraphy and Lettering

Following in the footsteps of the old typography masters and using modern tools along the way, innerpride stands in the avant-garde of the Romanian custom lettering. Might be harder to observe, but a strong and differentiating logotype can support a whole brand image. If being unique is what you’re looking for, this process is definitely for you.

Naming and Taglines

Creating new and relevant names for a specific business is not a simple job, but we’re happy to take on new challenges. A strong name is a mandatory requirement for a vibrant brand, the name is mostly the first touchpoint for your customers. We’ll use the know-how we’ve gathered over the years and we’ll give you the added value you need to get to your target. innerpride can correctly position your brand giving it a memorable verbal form.

About / Key people
George Nisioiu
founder & partner
About / Key people
Viorel Nedelcu
creative director & partner
About / Key people
Ovidiu Strugaru
delivery director & partner
About / Key people
Ioana Stoleru
managing director
About / Refusals

What we don’t do!

(Although we’re open and friendly we can say no) We don’t compromise when it comes to sincere relationships and project outcomes.

01 /

Free work

Our motto is honest work with a just reward. We are passionate about what we do, and what we do is our best and this is why our effort is worth every penny. We see projects as a relationship: both parties are involved and the result can come only when both sides are doing their best.

02 /

Spec work

You cannot start going somewhere unless you know where you’re going. We'd like to have clear goals so that our endeavor will reach its target. Only when you’re truly committed to something you give your best. We don’t do spec work because we don’t compromise.

03 /

Free giveaway

Our strategic and creative resources are our most valuable assets.
We cannot afford to give them away for free. We also know (from decades of experience) that the best work happens in a committed relationship. We therefore no longer take part in unpaid pitches. For paid pitches, we have a set of guidelines that we’re happy to share. What we do offer for free to potential clients is a strategic analysis and a creative debrief.

04 /

Third-party participation in the project

We value our opinions and stand by them based on our experience. We like to interact firsthand with the client and grasp every aspect of the problem in order to come up with a complete solution, not a quick fix.   

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